Time for a career change?

I didn’t doubt it, but my work have been fantastic in helping me deal with my diagnosis and looking ahead at my treatment.

The SG family is a strong one when it comes to looking after their own.

Annabel, Gillian, Barbara, Allan, Alessia, the whole Resilience crew, the nutters on the CT&S squad, and the teams across Comms have been different class. And that’s not to mention countless others across other business areas who’ve dropped me a kind message of support or had an uplifting word with me in the corridor.

But this might not be enough to keep me loyal to the Civil Service.

Even after 21 years of duty – boy and man.

Today, I started training for my new vocation, where I’ll find myself very much alongside like-minded individuals, with similar IQs and very much shared interests.

For two hours this morning, I was at pre-school nursery.

For the first time, having had five kids go through nursery, I got a chance to spend some quality time ‘down with the kids’ as part of Finlay’s nursery’s ‘stay and play’ scheme.

Glue and glitter. Playdough moulded into poo shapes. Grape sandwiches and mud coffee in the pretend kitchen. Fighting off aliens on the moon. Reading stories to a dozen engrossed 3-4 year olds. Climbing the new tree-house.


Bloody brilliant. Don’t know about the kids, but I’d do this 5 days a week. No probs!

They even got Finlay to tidy up, a task he’s not too keen on at home.


So if I need a change of scenery after my treatment, maybe I’ve just found an option.

But those who know me know that loyalty is a watchword. I’m a civil servant through and through. Would take a lot to get me to stop pen pushing for the greater good of the nation!

But a man can dream…!

A x


About Andrew Slorance

Husband, father, son, brother, cyclist, pen pusher, pedant, contrarian , fights Mantle Cell Lymphoma in my spare time.
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6 Responses to Time for a career change?

  1. Eric MacLeod says:

    Shame on you! 5 kids and today was the first ever time you’ve done ‘stay & play’.

    Bad dad. Better late than never, glad I enjoyed it.



  2. Linda says:

    A wean at heart Andrew!


  3. Suzanne Wilkie says:

    may be we need a stay and play scheme in resilience division. You could be on to something Andrew!!!


  4. Lee-Anne Barclay says:

    You big bairn!

    Slorance, your blog is awesome, I’m reading it every day, one day at a time you might say! 😉

    LB x


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