So many mysteries…

So much uncertainty, so much mystery to come over the next few months.

But today brought a highly intriguing puzzle of it’s own.

A good – very good – mystery.

But one that so far has left myself and my super-sleuth wife scratching our collective nappers.

A big box of luxury chocolates arrived at Chez Slorance this morning. All sorts of milk chocs, dark chocs, pralines – ya dancer!

But no note, no message, nothing to identify the sender.

Such a brilliant gesture deserves our thanks, and I’d like to be able to thank the benefactor personally if they’d be willing to make themselves known?


Chocolates are just the thing to put a smile on the family’s face at the moment – though I already hear Louise next door trying to convince the kids that they’re for the adults of the house!

I’ll put her right. It’s important to me that people can put their focus on Louise and my kids, and on my mum and dad, and on my sister, and on the others close to me.

I’ve reflected a lot that my bit of this is the easy bit. Scary, painful, but easy.

My family are the ones who will need to live with the consequences. My absences at hospital. My lack of energy or enthusiasm. My mood swings. OK, they have to deal with most of this already, but you get the gist!

Thank you for the on-going support.

PS – thanks for all the kind words about the blog. If you want to keep in touch with my ramblings you can get GUARANTEED DELIVERY (woooo!) of blog updates by putting your email address in the box up there on the right hand side of this page.

A x


About Andrew Slorance

Husband, father, son, brother, cyclist, pen pusher, pedant, contrarian , fights Mantle Cell Lymphoma in my spare time.
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9 Responses to So many mysteries…

  1. Faith Tait says:

    Don’t worry your sisters neighbours will look after her by endlessly pulling pranks to keep their spirits raised! #getcheckec


  2. Linda says:

    OMG Andrew – one minute I have tears of sadness, the next tears of laughter!! You are some boy! 😂😢😂😢😂


  3. Lynette Samuel says:

    Courtesy of your lovely Mother-in-law, I have now been able to read your first 5 blogs and am totally overwhelmed with your amazing ability to communicate what your are going through with such honesty and brilliant humour. You really are an inspiration to anyone going through a similar challenge.


  4. Willie says:

    Andrew, your blog is inspirational!!


  5. Donna MacKinnon says:

    Hey Andrew, loving the blog!!! Thinking of you and you go and kick it’s ass! Donna Mackinnon and John McFarlane


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