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It’s the wait I can’t stand

Seems strange to say this, but it’s only now, more than two months after diagnosis, that I can genuinely say I’m feeling the fear. Maybe I’ve been in denial. Maybe my sunny and positive outlook has trumped the bad thoughts. … Continue reading

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Time flies…

Hello again. It’s been a while. [sounds a bit like the intro to an Adele song – sorry!]. Had another post-steroid ‘downer’ last week hence the online silence, but reassuringly it was nowhere near the low of my first serious … Continue reading

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You can be Heroes. Just for One Day.

Good PR can be about being brave enough to try and build positivity out of adversity. So today, as the world continues to come to terms with the death of cultural icon David Bowie from cancer, I make the following … Continue reading

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Ding, ding – Round 3

Seems like an age since I was last in Ward 8 at the Western. In fact it seems like an eternity since I was told that first I had a lymphoma, and then a few days later that it was … Continue reading

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Put life in perspective – but keep room for a right good moan!

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping 2016 brings you everything you wish for. I’ve started the new year thinking about many things, amongst them mortality. Let’s not get too morbid here – we’re all going to die. Unless you’re a former … Continue reading

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