He’s not out of his MND, he’s doing a wonderful thing. Can you help?

Hello again. I was going to use this overdue update to let you know about my return to work. Or should that be return to the office, the work’s not really started in earnest yet. But posts about ‘commute, log on, drink coffee, check emails, have chats, log off, commute’ are not really all that inspiring.

But sod that – here’s something that is genuinely inspiring and deserving of your attention.

Meet Rob.


Rob’s some man – though maybe he’s now half the man he once was. He enjoys a challenge – he’s led PR for the Police, SFA, the Better Together Campaign and ScotRail in his time, so it’s fair to say he doesn’t shy away from the difficult things in life.

Now meet Gordon.


I feel humbled just writing about Gordon. He gives inspirational a whole new meaning. Gordon is dying. Motor Neuron Disease (MND) is killing him, and there is no cure.

But Gordon doesn’t want pity. He has used the precious time since his devastating diagnosis – at the age of 29 – to campaign tirelessly to raise awareness of MND and to raise funds to find a cure and fight for better care for people with this horrible disease. He knows it will be too late for him, but he’s determined to help the next generation. Turning a negative into a positive.

Here’s a link to Gordon’s amazing story: http://gordonsfightback.com

Rob and Gordon are mates. They worked alongside each other at Better Together. Rob wants to help Gordon fulfil his ambition. So Rob’s going to run a marathon – on Christmas Day.


Yup, that’s right. Whilst we’re sitting around stuffing our faces on turkey and chocolate and knocking back the egg nog, Rob will be pounding the streets for 26.2 miles to raise funds for MND Scotland ( http://www.mndscotland.org.uk/ ).


Rob’s put an amazing amount of effort into his preparations for Sunday’s run. I’m not suggesting he was unfit at the start of this process, but the only marathon I’d have put money on him completing would have been a retro Snickers bar.

Here’s Rob’s words:

“This year, instead of spending Christmas Day with my family, eating too much and drinking more than I should, I shall be running 26.2miles. The Merry Marathon is my contribution to the incredible fundraising and lobbying effort that has been led by my friend Gordon Aikman.

“Gordon was just 29 when he was told that he was dying of MND. Since the very day he was told this terrible news, he has set about raising money, lobbying politicians and changing the lives of other people who have been affected by this most terrible of diseases.”

You can get more details about Rob’s brilliant efforts at his Merry Marathon Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheMerryMarathon/

Follow it, and quick!

But most importantly, how can you give money to help Rob’s fundraising effort? Well you can look at the photo of Rob and Gordon (above) and text CUREMND to 70660 to donate a fiver, or you can go to Rob’s JustGiving page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/TheMerryMarathon to give, give, give!

Good luck Rob, we’re all behind you.

A x


About Andrew Slorance

Husband, father, son, brother, cyclist, pen pusher, pedant, contrarian , fights Mantle Cell Lymphoma in my spare time.
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One Response to He’s not out of his MND, he’s doing a wonderful thing. Can you help?

  1. Jacqui Semple says:

    Donated! Thanks for highlighting this story Andrew. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and best wishes to you all in 2017 Jx


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