Stem Cell anniversary bike ride for Maggie’s

Hiya! Still here!!

Sorry about the radio silence – you deserve better…

Can’t believe it’s almost 4 months since I last updated the blog. “My bad” as the kids say.

But in my defence, it’s really due to positive things and ‘getting back to normal’ that I’ve put the blog on the back-burner a bit and focussed on my return to the real world of family, work and even getting fit (though more about that last point later).

But before I bore you with my life story of this Spring, the big news is that I’m on the scrounge again and fundraising for those brilliant people at Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Edinburgh.

Next month (Sunday June 4), to mark a full year since I underwent a life-prolonging Stem Cell Transplant, I’m cycling from Edinburgh to North Berwick and back – around 50 miles – to help raise funds for the much-needed building extension at Maggie’s facility next to the Western General.


But unlike my 5km run last Spring, this time I’ve roped in a number of ‘willing’ ‘volunteers’ to join me on the journey AND help raise money through their own friends, family and colleagues.

It’s not too late if any of you want to join us!! You really are more than welcome – there will be riders of all ages and abilities so don’t be put off by the idea of a high-speed lycra-fest down through East Lothian. I’ll be leaving that to some of the others. And if you can only manage 25 miles, there’s and hourly train service back to the capital if you need it.

I’m also on the scrounge for donations to such a great cause. Every penny helps so if you can contribute, please be assured your funds will be put to very good use.

Details of the ride and the JustGiving fundraising page can be found here:

So, what else has been happening?

I’m now ‘proper’ full time at work and back to my old role of heading up the Scottish Government’s Resilience Response and Communications Unit – you might have heard of ‘SGoRR’ or ‘the bunker’ that we activate whenever there’s an emergency or a disruptive event like severe weather. So, nice and quiet!!

I also got back on my bike in March commuting to work, and started some light swimming (I’m not very good) and some spin classes at the gym (I’m a bit better at those), losing a stone (much needed) in a month and really building up some fitness.

But disaster struck in early April when I picked up a bug that’s given me lots of ‘man flu’-like symptoms since including the most painful earache I’ve ever experience, followed by a perforated eardrum, sore throats, then sinusitis (with swollen nose and eyes) and now, 5 weeks on, a constantly blocked nose and no taste buds!

Needless to say my fitness levels have dipped a bit! So the bike ride might be a bit more of a challenge than I was anticipating!!

But it’s still a challenge I’m up for – and if you want to join me or support the cause then please, please do.

A x


About Andrew Slorance

Husband, father, son, brother, cyclist, pen pusher, pedant, contrarian , fights Mantle Cell Lymphoma in my spare time.
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